Using A Skid Wrapper To Boost Your Workers' Productivity

Preparing large pallets to be moved will require you to spend some time applying a protective wrap that can hold the items in place as the pallet is being moved around. Unfortunately, this step can be very time-consuming, and there will always be a chance that workers will make mistakes during this process that could cause stability issues with the items on the pallet.

Will A Skid Wrapper Be Fully Automatic?

A skid wrapper is an extremely useful device that will be able to rapidly apply the protective wrap to the items on the pallet. The amount of automation that these systems utilize will vary based on their design. Some of these systems will be either entirely or almost completely automated, which can be one of the faster options. However, individuals that are needing a more budget-friendly option can opt for a semi-automated skid wrapper. These devices will need employees to load and monitor the wrapper while it is working, but it can still dramatically improve the efficiency of this work.

Do Skid Wrappers Require Large Amounts Of Space?

A small business may be extremely limited in the amount of space that it can dedicate to new equipment. This can lead to concerns about using skid wrappers due to the amount of space that they may require. In most cases, a skid wrapper can be fit into a fairly compact area. However, you will still need to consider providing enough space so that individuals using the skid wrapper will be able to do so safely. Generally, this will involve providing a buffer space of at least a few feet on each side of the skid wrapper.

Can A Skid Wrapper Damage Items On The Pallets?

Business leaders may be worried about investing in new systems that could potentially cause damage to their products. While a skid wrapper will be able to rapidly apply this wrap to the items on the pallet, it will do so without applying enough force to damage the items under the wrap or to knock them off the pallet. Often, the most likely cause of damage when using these systems will be overloading the pallet in a way that could damage the items on the bottom of it. As the plastic wrap is being applied, it can cause the items on the higher levels of the stack to shift positions in a way that could cause excessive weight to be placed on the items at the bottom. By ensuring that you are not overloading your pallets before wrapping them, you should be able to effectively avoid this problem.

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